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Diana Palmer Collected 1-6: Soldier of Fortune / Tender Stranger Enamored Mystery Man Rawhide and Lace Unlikely Lover

DIANA PALMER COLLECTED BOOKS 1-6New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer brings you six dangerous, ruthless men – and the women who can tame them…SOLDIER OF FORTUNETop Chicago lawyer JD Brettman’s sister has been kidnapped and taken to Central America. Now, beautiful Gabby Darwin is the only one he can trust in the lawless tropical forests…TENDER STRANGEREric Van Meer was a mercenary – a hard man and sceptical of strangers. Which was why warm, caring bookshop owner Dani St. Clair intrigued him so…ENAMOREDA moment of passion between trained soldier Diego Laremos and sweet neighbour Melissa Sterling forced a hasty marriage, but a tragic accident soon severed their ties!MYSTERY MANCanton Rourke had come to Mexico with his daughter to relax, not catch bandits, track kidnappers and save Janine Curtis from any mess she landed herself in!RAWHIDE AND LACEWhen Erin Scott left Ty Wade, she'd vowed never to return- yet the future of the Staghorn Ranch depended on it. But how could she face the man she hated most?UNLIKELY LOVEROilman Ward Jessup and Mari Raymond had been tricked by Mari’s wily aunt into living together – but it didn't look as though either of them was going to fight the power of Cupid's arrow…

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Diana Palmer Christmas Collection: The Rancher / Cowboy A Man of Means True Blue Carrera's Bride Will Steel Winter Roses

7 Diana Palmer Christmas Romances! One of the top romance writers in America, this international bestselling author really makes Christmas special and no one writes a strong and sexy rancher like Diana Palmer!This collection contains three anthologies:Christmas with the RancherTrue Blue & Carrera’s ChristmasChristmas Cowboy

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Diana Palmer Ocalić Isabel cz. 1

Diana Palmer The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier Everyone in Jacobsville, Texas, steered clear of taciturn Cy Parks–everyone but the spirited Lisa Monroe, who electrified the formidable loner with her tantalizing kisses. Their fiery passion escalated when the soldier returned from the line of duty–and claimed Lisa as his bride, to shield her from a revenge-seeking desperado. Clearly Cy was getting mighty possessive of this enchanting woman who needed the type of safeguarding only he could provide. But who would protect the beguiling bride from him?

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Diana Palmer Heart of Ice

5PCS/Set 1/6 Scale CROSSFIRE Military Weapons Collected 4D AK47 Rifle Gun Model Spike Assembled Puzzle Boy F 12 Soldier Figure

Robert Palmer - Collected (2 LP)

Diana Palmer, Diane Palmer Amelia

Книга "Amelia".

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