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Kings Of Convenience Convenience. Declaration Dependence (2 LP)

Kings Of Convenience - Declaration Dependence

полка на крючке OFELIS Convenience

Размер: 25х10,5 см
Материал: хромированная сталь

489 RUR

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Sandra Field Pregnancy Of Convenience

Susan Fox Bride Of Convenience

Многофункциональная сумка Game Guru Convenience для Sony PSP/PSP 2000

Многофункциональная сумка Game Guru "Convenience" для Sony PSP/PSP 2000.

167 RUR

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Matthias Gumbart Relevant Success Factors for the Implementation of Convenience Stores in Germany and their Development German Market

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2018 in the subject Business economics - Trade and Distribution, grade: 1,3, Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences (THI Business School), course: International Retail Management, language: English, abstract: In Germany's market many types of retailers exist and are part of peoples' life. Looking at other continents and countries though, there is one type of retail store which is very common there but can hardly be found in Germany, the convenience store. This thesis is about factors for a successful implementation of convenience stores into the German market and its development so far. By writing this thesis the author tried to work on the relevant aspects of implementing and introducing a new store type to the German market. The author of this work looks at legal aspects, possible customers, infrastructural and geographical aspects as well as suitable store management and planning. Analysing given data and information as well as looking at the current and future development declares how to implement convenience stores into the German market. This thesis results in the fact that at this moment in time (January 2018) convenience stores, which are open 24/7, can almost only exist in cooperation with gas stations in Germany, because of legal restrictions by the federal states. Convenience stores in gas stations are most likely to become an established part of the German retail market in the next years. Even though it being new to Germany...

6327 RUR



Benjamin Wanninger, Martin Wurm Der Convenience Store

Masterarbeit aus dem Jahr 2012 im Fachbereich BWL - Marketing, Unternehmenskommunikation, CRM, Marktforschung, Social Media, Note: 1,0, Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, Veranstaltung: Marketingmanagement, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Thema dieser Arbeit ist der so genannte Convenience Store - eine Handelsform, die heute verschiedene andere Handelsformen ergänzt und Lebensmitteleinzelhandel, Gastronomie und Out-of-Home-Markt zusammenführt und die höchstmögliche Bequemlichkeit für die Kundin bzw. den Kunden als Alleinstellungsmerkmal implementiert hat. Für den Convenience Store gibt es keinen einheitlichen Prototyp, zu verschieden sind die Anforderungen der Kunden und Kundinnen von Standort zu Standort.Konzerne wie Einzelunternehmer und -unternehmerinnen stehen vor der Herausforderung, in ihren Geschäftskonzepten die vier „Bausteine" des Convenience Stores, Standort, Sortiment, Atmosphäre und Zeit, so zu justieren, dass möglichst viele Probleme der Kundschaft gleichzeitig gelöst werden können.Nicht nur begrenzte Ladenöffnungszeiten in verschiedenen Ländern, sondern auch sich stets verändernde Trends und Zeitgeisterscheinungen wie die Bevorzugung von aus der Region stammenden Lebensmitteln oder die Zunahme von Einpersonenhaushalten bieten die Rahmenbedingungen, in deren Gefüge sich das „ideale" Convenience Store-Konzept einfügen muss.In dieser Arbeit bietet die theoretische Untersuchung der Handelsform Convenience Store mit all ihren einflussnehmenden Faktoren die Grundlag...

4927 RUR



BIMUDUIYU Brand Spring 2017 New Men's Casual Shoes Slip-on Korean PU Leather Flat Breathable Trend Convenience Of Leisure

BPCreative cartoon variety of convenience stickers love note paper N times posted post it notes WJ-BQB2

Bluetooth thermal printer paper use mobile products supporting the of supermarket convenience stores free shipping

DL-1212 Electric kettle, 2200 W, 1.7 L, Housing made of stainless steel, multilevel protection, Convenience Cord storage DELTA

DL-1212 Electric kettle, 2200 W, 1.7 L, Housing made of stainless steel, multilevel protection, Convenience Cord storage DELTA

Isabel Hamilton Palatial homes in the city of New York and dwellers there . arranged for convenience passer-by

Эта книга — репринт оригинального издания (издательство "New York", 1910 год), созданный на основе электронной копии высокого разрешения, которую очистили и обработали вручную, сохранив структуру и орфографию оригинального издания. Редкие, забытые и малоизвестные книги, изданные с петровских времен до наших дней, вновь доступны в виде печатных книг.Palatial homes in the city of New York and dwellers there in. Arranged for the convenience of the passer-by.

736 RUR



Lynna Banning Marianne's Marriage Of Convenience

'I want you to marry me.'A wedding in Smoke River, Oregon…Marianne Collingwood has inherited a business, the perfect escape from her life of drudgery! There’s one condition: to claim the business she must be married! Her co-worker, handsome Lance Burnside will have to be the groom – this marriage of convenience will help them both! Only once it’s too late does she consider the question of the marriage bed they must share…

353.26 RUR



CATHERINE GEORGE An Engagement Of Convenience

The fake fianceeHarriet had been persuaded to impersonate her friend Rosa. But wealthy Italian Leo Fortinari appeared fooled by Harriet's pretense, and a powerful attraction now simmered between them. Now he was proposing an engagment of convenience to please his frail grandmother!Harriet didn't dare confess she was visiting Tuscany in her friend's place – and she had no intention of deceiving an old lady… An engagement to Leo would be disastrous. Such desire was dangerous: Leo was bound to realize Harriet was a fake, once he discovered she was a virgin!

324.24 RUR



Kind Of Colors Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Smart Folio Case For iPad mini 4 Aluminum Fashion Convenience 17Sept26 hh33

High quality baby diaper bag double zipper cartoon many design out of convenience 50PCS MIX

Long FELO 59202040 (with резцом, 205mm, made of tool steel equipped with teeth, обеспечивающими convenience in slave

Kind Of Colors Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Smart Folio Case For iPad mini 4 Aluminum Fashion Convenience 17Dec19

Hidden type ,Folding multifunctional clothes hanger,Load bearing: 30KG Home Furniture Convenience Beautiful CP389

FRUD New Stainless Steel Hand Black Liquid Soap Dispenser Bathroom Accessories Kitchen Hardware Convenience Modern Y18004

FGGS Kingsons Solar Panel Backpacks 15.6 inches Convenience Charging Laptop Bags for Travel Charger Daypacks

60G/120G/240 Solid State Disk Mobile HDD External Hard Drives Laptop Durable Convenience Excellent

Kingsons Solar Panel Backpacks 15.6 inches Convenience Charging Laptop Bags for Travel Charger Daypacks

International universal 110V-220V 200W LED driver transformer power switch adapter, travel will bring convenience

Dormitory single wardrobe Non-woven Steel frame reinforcement Standing Storage Organizer Detachable Clothing Closet Convenience

Convenience 2M Long Stainless Steel Flexible Replace Handheld Shower Head Hose

Baby Convenience Stroller Light Can Sit Folding 0/1-3 Year Mini- Four Wheel Strollers

Ponyo Printed Women Canvas Shopping Bags Casual Shoulder Folding Tote Convenience Eco Reusable Grocery Handbag

Metal Spring Hardware Automotive Assortment Kit 20 Specifications 200pcs/Set Practical Tension Compressed Springs Convenience

New K38 104Keys LED Backlit Usb Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard + 3200dpi Gamer Mouse Fashion Convenience 17Sept26 hh33

Melissa McClone Marriage For Baby

A tiny bundle that needs them… Jared and Kate are separated when they find themselves guardians of an orphaned baby. The one hitch is, for them both to be guardians, they have to stay married! A marriage of convenience seems the only option…. To be parents of convenience!Soon they have to pull together for the tiny baby in their care and the spark that had gone from their relationship is reignited. Can this baby help them to heal their hearts and ensure they have a marriage worth waiting for, a marriage finally for keeps?

353.26 RUR



Aluminum Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard + Leather Case For Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch Fashion Convenience 17OCT17


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